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Engineering Undergraduate Viewbook

Engineering Undergraduate Viewbook

2018. with The Met Agency

The University of Alberta’s Faculty of Engineering gives viewbooks out to prospective undergraduate students for the program. This year, the faculty wanted to attract more creative thinkers, in addition to the math- and science-brained students that often join the faculty. The goal of this viewbook was to encourage students to apply to engineering, and to diversify the pool of applicants.

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We used an expanded version of the engineering faculty’s colour palette to create a bright and eye-catching system. The typography on the front causes viewers to take a second to read it, to make them feel as though they’ve solved a puzzle. The language on the cover and throughout the book makes the reader feel special, and like they have what it takes to join the program.


My main role for this project was the interior layout. The interior takes shapes from the front cover and integrates them around the text and photos. These shapes connect the spreads, and each engineering discipline’s colour is represented.


The text is organized into smaller sections for easier readability, with certain portions emphasized to entice someone who is skimming through. This is one of many improvements that was made on this viewbook, as compared to the one used in previous years, which had densely packed type and little white space. There are breather pages with a large typographic piece or a photo through the book for visual breaks.

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