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Khaled Hosseini Novel Set

Khaled Hosseini Novel Set

2018. Print. 8" x 5". 3 covers, 20 interior pages, & a box.

A re-design of Khaled Hosseini’s three novels into a boxed set. Although they are not a series, Hosseini’s works focus around similar themes of family and struggle. They also each take place in Afghanistan to varying extents.

In my re-design, I aimed to keep a serious tone to the novels while giving them a contemporary look. I used a so style of illustration to portray a symbol from each story on the front.

I balanced a more traditional serif typeface with a modern sans-serif on the front covers. The interior pages were designed for extended reading.

mcbeth box set.png
mcbeth cover 3
mcbeth cover 2
mcbeth hosseini 1
mcbeth spread 1
mcbeth spread 2