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Intra-U: IUD App

Intra-U: IUD App

IUDs, or Intrauterine Devices, are a form of birth control that many people don’t know are an option. Intra-U is an app that helps people learn about different kinds of IUDs and prepare them to have it inserted. Intra-U is designed to help anyone with a uterus feel more comfortable and confident about the process of an IUD.

The app is divided into three sections: Progress, which walks the user through the steps to get an IUD; Learn, which provides all of the necessary information surrounding IUDs; and Track, which allows users to keep track of symptoms and appointments surrounding the IUD process.

Intra-U uses a friendly colour palette and illustration style to make the process of getting an IUD less daunting.


mcbeth intra-u screens.png
mcbeth intra-u screens 2.png