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Engineering Graduate Viewbook

 Engineering Graduate Viewbook

2018. with The Met Agency

The University of Alberta’s Faculty of Engineering gives viewbooks out to potential graduate students. The faculty collaborates with other engineering graduate programs to encourage Canadian engineers to further their education with a masters degree. Graduate students develop strong leadership skills, and make even more connections after their undergrad.

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We used the graduate program’s dark blue colour as the main colour through the book. My main role for this project was the interior layout. We created an editorial-style layout that gives the book visual interest. It also allowed us to focus on current and previous students of the program in an interview, where they talked about their work and experience in the program.

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This book takes a more serious and mature view on the program than the undergraduate book did to reflect what prospective students may be looking for in a program. The book emphasizes that anyone can be a graduate student, but needs to have prestige to show the university’s level of competence.

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The text is organized into sections for easier readability, with certain portions emphasized to entice someone who is skimming through. Its magazine structure is set up for longer reading, while also allowing readers to pick and choose what they are most interested in reading if they don’t want to read the entire book.

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Accompanying the book is a set of eight inserts that describe each of the different types of engineering possible for a masters degree, as well as some other information relating to the program. Previously, the inserts and viewbooks were treated as separate items and often prospective students would only take one or the other. I wanted to encourage people to combine the two items by allowing them to interact with each other. I designed a combination of a pocket and a die-cut on the back cover of the viewbook, which acts as a place to store the insert and also leaves it visible to complete the sentence “I’m going to change the world in...” with the faculty of their choice.

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