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Citadel Wayfinding

Citadel Wayfinding

2017. Print. 8.5" x 11", 70 pages

Conceptual re-design of the signage and wayfinding within the Citadel Theatre. The Citadel is an important place to Edmonton's theatre community. This project updated the signage to suit a more modern audience, while also making the signs more visible in the space.

This project was a collaboration with Christy Campos, Rachelle Lenihan, and Tess Heinricks.

My main focus in this project was to help create our visual system for the signs, the photography for the final booklet to show the signs and the space, and the layout and design of our final booklet. Below are sample spreads of the booklet, showing the development of the signage and our research.

mcbeth citadel spread 03.png
mcbeth citadel spread 05.png
mcbeth citadel spread 07.png
mcbeth citadel spread 08.png